Tuesday, 10 February 2015

GOODBYE to the girl I admired!

Hey Fair & Lovely,

This was about to come, one or the other day. I never blogged, even though I loved to write. But you didn't leave me an option. You blocked me up from every inch of space - be it on Facebook or from your busy life. What you cited, ached me up more. "Darling, we don't have a future", your words, aren't they? You left me in the rots to ponder, which "we" were you referring to. The besties - you and me, or the sweethearts - you and me?

Hope your GATE went well! So it is the last week before you fade away from the campus. Ahh..whom would I stare to! Just half an hour ago, completed "The Fault In Our Stars". Heart wrenching, heart aching love-story. The way how Augustus Waters cared for Hazel Grace, a cancer patient, even though he himself was an amputee, left me in spellbound! We are lucky enough, that we aren't handicapped, still missed the affection which Augustus and Hazel had. Maybe, I didn't have it in me when you had, and vice-versa. Second year, when we parted ways, and now final year, still I MISS you so much.

Nescafe Days!

We all have to do mistakes to learn. I did, and I swear I learnt up. Missing you every day, changed me. I miss how much you liked me. Fact is, when I was a kid in school, all I ever wanted was to be in love and have a girlfriend. Then when I got older, after being a failure in the JEE, I thought its high time I should work my ass off, and be the smart ass in the CSE department. I was partly successful, by of-course, competing with you. The graph of my love for the books went so high, that I failed to notice the love which you had for me. You understood, and changed your track. And look at me now, I am in tatters. The longing for you, made me a Devdas. Damn.

I remember the first hug we had. We reached up-to H section, fifteen minutes early. I was nervous, so were you. I approached, but hesitated. You longed your arms. It eased my blood pressure. Finally, I was in your arms, for a mere 10 seconds. But it was heaven! I miss the hugs. I miss your cheek kisses. I miss being with you. It's 1:27 am, and I am lively enough to type my heart out!

Don't know, if you would ever stumble upon this piece of gratitude. If you do, even if its too late, just let me know. So I would know, it reached you. You have my number right? Or else you can check up at the bottom of the penultimate mail, which I sent you during the winters of 2014. If you have recycle-bind the mail already, do leave a comment here. It would definitely dwindle the pain a bit. LOVE you more than how much you love having those Dairy Milks.

Yours "I-still-don't-know-what-to-type-here",
GluconD Kiddo

PS: Was playing this romantic song while typing this up! Lend me your ears.

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