Monday, 27 April 2015

Why you no-talk-to-me?

After, two and a half months.

It was our usual activity of striking our attendance in a half-torn attendance list and strolling away to the  hostel. We followed a rotation policy and, it was my day to mark. As I was minutely faking the sign of other three batch members, the right eye was always fixed to the NO-USE-GUIDE's cabin. She is our project guide. Everybody has to follow this posture while faking the attendance. Who knows, if one day she will walk up suddenly and grab us red-handed. The ideal thing is: be alert!

But I felt, something distinctive that day. An aura of known romanticism smell was brewing past me. Oh, how I knew that fragrance! The feeling boiled inside me, I turned, and yes, it was FAIR & LOVELY! Two and a half months! How beautiful an internship in Infosys made her! There was a joy-filled-heart inside, which was somehow unable to plunge out. I guess she saw me too, and played it safe (read: ignore). I can't blame her, you see, because the last conversation we had, she said: "The best way to not to miss each other was to block each other up on every social networking platform". I didn't, she did.

The good times!
Two more days later.

It happens in every group. The leader would do the project, a couple would work on documentation and the rest would bask in the glory of completion of project, without providing a needful hand. MOTO-GP concluded the project long way back, BJ was still stuck in the Android module, and I put my hand on updating the database. I-KNOW-NOTHING fell into the category of the rest of the guys. Sharp 9 o' clock we were in the hall, waiting for the review. GP advised to take up some extra load, and make a chart, which may give us some extra marks. BJ, as soon as he heard "extra marks", initiated the needless chart work. I had to assist, unwillingly.

FAIR & LOVELY was at an 135°, keeping me as origin. I expected a hello. Result was disappointment: she didn't. I could sense, it was all but over. Sir Winston Churchill once said: "Never, never, never give up." Words kept on banging, but I lacked the courage. Worst part you know what it is? She would keep on jabbering, be it BAHUL-GANDHI or APPAM-CHUTIYA. And I would keep on sitting behind her, and ponder "Why not me?", something paradoxical to what Mario Balotelli used to think in his Manchester City days!

A near to ten times, I thought she would come, wait, she's gonna come. HOPE. Oh, you useless hope! Sullen-hearten, I returned back to hostel. She never came.

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