Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Barbeque Nation Coimbatore: REVIEW

Time - Afternoon
Date - 28th April 2015
Day - Tuesday
Price - ₹ 700 each (tax-inclusive)

Great starters! Spent around an hour with the starters, till we were 50% full! Fast service and colored plates to help them serve the right starters. Very courteous staff and delicious non veg on the menu. BBQ Nation is a must try. The Indian desserts taste good here, but I suggest you fill your stomach with the starters itself! The sweetness of deserts were enough to satiate your sweet tooth. The yummy gulab jamuns were heart winning. Staffs are so friendly (half of them were Bengalis), even the chefs come up to you personally to get your reviews on the food. The rest of the menu is standard. You may feel the main dish isn't worth enough, but mutton items would keep you drilled in. The staff will also sing you a birthday song on Your day!

Taste - 4/5
Liquor - 3/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Hospitality - 4.5/5
Value for money - 4.5/5
Overall - 4/5

PS - Our luck was a bit on the worse side: crabs weren't being served that day!


NAXALITE ate this one!

NAXALITE ate this one too!


The groufie!


Starters were absolutely amazing!

NAXALITE kept on clicking selfies!


KUNNU-MAMA (last trip's pic)


F*k'd! Can't even walk a step!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Why you no-talk-to-me?

After, two and a half months.

It was our usual activity of striking our attendance in a half-torn attendance list and strolling away to the  hostel. We followed a rotation policy and, it was my day to mark. As I was minutely faking the sign of other three batch members, the right eye was always fixed to the NO-USE-GUIDE's cabin. She is our project guide. Everybody has to follow this posture while faking the attendance. Who knows, if one day she will walk up suddenly and grab us red-handed. The ideal thing is: be alert!

But I felt, something distinctive that day. An aura of known romanticism smell was brewing past me. Oh, how I knew that fragrance! The feeling boiled inside me, I turned, and yes, it was FAIR & LOVELY! Two and a half months! How beautiful an internship in Infosys made her! There was a joy-filled-heart inside, which was somehow unable to plunge out. I guess she saw me too, and played it safe (read: ignore). I can't blame her, you see, because the last conversation we had, she said: "The best way to not to miss each other was to block each other up on every social networking platform". I didn't, she did.

The good times!
Two more days later.

It happens in every group. The leader would do the project, a couple would work on documentation and the rest would bask in the glory of completion of project, without providing a needful hand. MOTO-GP concluded the project long way back, BJ was still stuck in the Android module, and I put my hand on updating the database. I-KNOW-NOTHING fell into the category of the rest of the guys. Sharp 9 o' clock we were in the hall, waiting for the review. GP advised to take up some extra load, and make a chart, which may give us some extra marks. BJ, as soon as he heard "extra marks", initiated the needless chart work. I had to assist, unwillingly.

FAIR & LOVELY was at an 135°, keeping me as origin. I expected a hello. Result was disappointment: she didn't. I could sense, it was all but over. Sir Winston Churchill once said: "Never, never, never give up." Words kept on banging, but I lacked the courage. Worst part you know what it is? She would keep on jabbering, be it BAHUL-GANDHI or APPAM-CHUTIYA. And I would keep on sitting behind her, and ponder "Why not me?", something paradoxical to what Mario Balotelli used to think in his Manchester City days!

A near to ten times, I thought she would come, wait, she's gonna come. HOPE. Oh, you useless hope! Sullen-hearten, I returned back to hostel. She never came.