Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Love is a waste of time!

April 31, 8:30 pm

A call from her, which off-course I never expected. My voice chocked a couple of times. She cheered me up.

Conversation over phone.

FAIR-N-LOVELY: "Hey, I'm leaving tomorrow. Agar mai Kolkata gai, toh tu mujhse milega naa? You will take me to roam around the city."

ME: "You don't even meet me up here, and you want me to believe in your words?"

FAIR-N-LOVELY: "I am not lying, trust me, if I go we will meet."

ME: "I trust you."

May 2, 7 pm

Phone beeps. A couple of messages from KUNNU-MAMA. First one informed me that my ex was inquiring about me. I felt satiated, and even more happy. The second one blew my expectations away and tore me up. I asked him to forward me the texts she sent. He replied back with a volume of screenshots.

Conversation over Whatsapp.

FAIR-N-LOVELY: "I met him. I just wanted that only. Mujhe jo sahi laga, wahi kiya maine."

KUNNU-MAMA: "Woh sahi sai behave karta..tu uss sai sahi se baat karti bas..uss se aage ka plan puchti"

FAIR-N-LOVELY: "You know that right you cannot be friends with your ex? And main usse agey kabhi milungi hi nhi."

See the contrary in these two conversations? She gives me HOPE. A fake hope, and I keep building my expectations on top of it. And then suddenly I realize, it was all a lie. These all time around, she morphed herself, and kept toying around with my feelings. WHY?

Did I ask you to call me? No. You still kept on calling me. We didn't talk for months, still you wanted to talk to me on that very last day. I stated clearly, if I am there it won't look good. Still, I had to give in to your endless desire to meet me on the final day. I dressed up neat. Finally, we were gonna talk face-to-face after I-lost-count-how-many-months! Tension cribbed in, every moment. How are you gonna react? Am I looking good? Should I take a Cadbury Silk? You see Miss, everything was inside my head. I walked to you, with one last desire, atleast one selfie of us together (call it as a symbolic representation of our friendship maybe). But you had DIFFERENT mindset.

5 seconds right? If I am not wrong we had a conversation of hardly 5 seconds. A hello, a handshake, followed by the bomber.

FAIR-N-LOVELY: "I am feeling awkward. Can I leave?"

You invite me, and you interrogate such a baseless question? Women are the most confused living being. Somebody said, rightly said. A disheartened heart returned back to the hostel. Damn!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Mohun Bagan Victory Parade 2015: Top 10 Photos

People, those who know me, regard me as one of the biggest fan of East Bengal FC. But last few weeks in Kolkata, for me, has been different. I-League is the most prestigious football tournament in India (leaving out the hullabaloo with ISL). Bengal, which was once the undisputed Mecca of Indian Football, didn't win this league since its inception.

So the taunts were vivid from football freaks in Indian Football Live Facebook group. Taunts accumulated into obstinacy, and I got this obsession to prioritize Bengal over East Bengal or Mohun Bagan. By hook or crook, I-League must be home. By the end of 18th round, it was all but over for East Bengal. Automatically, loyalties made a temporary switch to the bitter opponents, Mohun Bagan.

Our's is a huge joint family with me being the eldest among the 10 kids. 9 East Bengal fan, and 1 Mohun Bagan fan. Odd enough! It was his sheer passion towards the game, which motivated me to accompany him to the Barasat Stadium for the match vs Sporting Goa. Rest all is history.

The above 3 parahs are just to say, I am a very much East Bengal fan, who is satiated that finally, after almost a decade, I-League is here in Kolkata.

The following are some of the best snaps which I found in the social media from the Victory Parade:

Also, here's a video which shows the Top 10 Goals by Mohun Bagan this season. Click on the video, and enjoy!