Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Black Day PHOTOS : Crowd fury abandons Mohun Bagan match 2016

It was a Calcutta Football League match between the biggies Mohun Bagan and the minnows Tollygunge Agragami. Mohun Bagan, if they lose, will be on the verge of elimination, to their arch rivals East Bengal.

During the game there were three offside-goal decisions, which the referees ruled out, that irked the Mohun Bagan supporters. First, lets look into the 3 incidents.

First offside
The linesman rose his flag just when the head was done. At the time of release of the ball, Bidemi was slightly ahead of the last defender. Verdict : OFFSIDE.

Second offside
At the time of the release of the ball, Prabir  Das was clearly ahead of the last defender. Verdict : Definitely OFFSIDE.

Third offside
The third one was the controversial one. First let me clear, according to the match commissioner, Azharuddin was in offside position and not Amiri. So the new rule stays void in this case. When Duffy released the ball, we can see Azhar was ahead of the last defender. The linesman might not be in the correct position, neither the camera is in a good position but his call has been perfect. For more clarity, I have made a 3D Mapping of the ground.

3D mapping of the 3rd decision
In 3D mapping, it clearly shows that Azhar was ahead of the last defender at the time of the release of the ball. Verdict : OFFSIDE.

With the match locked 1-1, trouble erupted after Mohun Bagan winger Azharuddin Mallick's goal was disallowed. Furious Mohun Bagan players charged at referee Dipu Roy and protested assistant referee Ujjal Haldar's decision to flag the goal as offside.

The players' dissatisfaction permeated the packed galleries and the supporters soon started throwing bottles and other missiles to the pitch, forcing the game to be halted. Dozens crossed the fencing and ran on to the ground.

Fans started to break the barriers and enter the ground
Filthy languages and obscene gestures forced this parent to take his son out
Fans showing their disagreement to the ref's decision from the goal line
Crazy scene, when the crowd broke the barrier and entered the ground
Fans pissed off at the ref
Mohun Bagan official calling his team out
This Mohun Bagan supporter broke down in the midst of chaos
Fans throng at the gate with chappals in hand
Police trying to calm the crowd down
Fans begging the police for forgiveness
Crowd crashing into the ground
Police started the lathicharge!

The award for the funniest scene goes to...
These set of fans were more interested in taking a selfie on the ground!
The police force and Mohun Bagan officials tried their best to calm down the fans for over an hour but failed to bring the situation under control. Match commissioner finally announced the match had been abandoned.

Also, here's a video which shows scene from the Mohun Bagan ground. Click on the video to play!

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