Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A merry weekend in Kozhikode with a forlorn friend!

Once there was a time, when the Karunyans used to long for the weekends. But since the time we stepped onto the final year, weekends have been dull. You walk along the corridor of any floor in JVR Residence, you will be greeted with guys drooling over a game of Counter Strike or somebody playing an emotional Tamil Blockbuster on his already-distorted-speakers. On one such dull Friday, BJ enunciated: "Hey how about a surprise visit to EBOOK-BABA's native?" I affirmed, when I got a thumbs up from MARIA-MARIA (EBOOK-BABA's sibling).
The tour planner looked comfy, but the journey to Kozhikode was disastrous. Not a single KSRTC had Kozhikode on their destination list. The day was so pathetic, that even the private buses showed us the door. Finally, when we got a bunk to lay our asses, the conductor asked us to share it with two more folks! Hence, I was sandwiched between a potbellied Mallu uncle and a half-asleep-smelly vagabond. It took me a dozen of Ramdev Baba poses to carve in between them. 350 bucks and a quarter seat, phew!
A bit of modelling
It was sharp 4 o' clock when our bus arrived at Kozhikode. The journey made my spine semi-paralyzed. EBOOK-BABA and his dad, with their car, came to our rescue. He was definitely cursing us for waking him up earlier than the chirping birds! His mom and sister welcomed us at the entrance. It's in Hindu ritual, when you meet somebody ages elder to you, you seek their blessings by touching their feet. I obeyed. MARIA-MARIA exclaimed in awe: "What? Seriously!"

EBOOK-BABA is too serious!
DAY 1: How bad the planning can be, when you decide to rove Sarovaram Biopark on a Valentine's Day! Every couple was giving us the stare: "What these gays are doing here!" BJ was pressing us to run from there, but EBOOK-BABA dragged us to the boat riding spot. It was fun, even though we had to endure BJ's fake phrases like "We missed you EBABA", "When you gonna return", etc.
Evening journey to Beypore was much fun-filled. When it comes to beach football, Kerala is a hit! And I so much love watching the game! Some shooting scene was going on by the sea shore and people were bursting in. It didn't attract us tough! The walkway which extends deep into the sea was enchanting. It was dusk by 7 pm. On our return way, we stopped by a Biriyani center. During our college days EBABA hyped alot about Malabar Biriyani. This was the best opportunity to taste in. My verdict is: it was overhyped! The prawn-fry was pretty good.
Above all, the home-made choco lava by MARIA-MARIA made us to lick our fingers!

The boat riding 
Beypore Beach
DAY 2: EBABA's lazy schedule and a Indo-Pak World Cup duel made us to stay at home on Sunday morning. I was glued to the TV, until MARIA-MARIA initiated the debate "Virat Kohli is hot or not". Somebody said, girls are more into cricketers than cricket. Definitely! Pakistan's frequent wicket falls and Aunty's special lunch made us so elated. Finally the match was out of their grip and we decided to ride to Focus Mall. A game of bowling lured us. I was the boss with 88 points which had two clean hits. EBABA's pissed off expression was priceless. He put the money in for a second round and beat me black and blue with 111 points. Phew! That was some of a duel. BJ the loser, with least points in both the rounds, cashed in on mango shake for all three of us. A delightful end to our day!

Ahem! Ahem!

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