Monday, 9 February 2015

FIFA 14 with Northern Wolves FC

Well, into the final semester of my college life. Rather being busy with the assigned project, I am lazing around my time on FIFA. It is, in-fact, the story of my life since last two years! You see those players in the list, I would say a 80% of them were instituted into the game called football, when their bulgy tummies started protruding out. They needed a healthy respectable physique, football provided them with their need. We gelled up as a team very soon, and that’s when the idea of our online team popped into my mind. There you go! I sat down, created around two dozen players and replaced them into the Admira FC team. Finally, we are on FIFA now, the virtual ones!
Northern Wolves FC squad
The ratings, up-to my knowledge, isn't biased. One may interrogate, how can Dhiraj have 64, and a non-regular Susan have 65? Well, Susan has far more attacking skills combined to the defensive skills that Dhiraj possess! There maybe a few doubts regarding the inclusion of Amol, Dibya, Saurav and Piyush, then again, I would say I needed a 22 member squad and I was lacking 4 members. So decided to swap in our cricket pals to our football squad! Apologies, if the jersey numbers assigned to your names, don’t go with your favorite number! I, Hrisav, do lack a bit of acceleration in the game, but that suffice the real qualities in me as a player. Only con which I endured while making this is that there's a limitation of how healthy I can make a person. So Pujan, isn't a Pujan in the game! He has lost a few pounds. Hailing from North-East, I decided to nominate Amol as the fastest player in the team, and the slowest one? Saurav, of-course, who else! Kunal looks the most realistic in the game - fair, stout and concise!  This squad is just a screenshot of a game in the whole season, so Nitish, don't be offended that despite having a 63, you are in the reserves!

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